What is your Brand Conversation?

What's the core dialogue that keeps customers returning to you to learn, discuss, debate, get guidance, share their experience, and soak in your perspective? 

Your Brand Conversation.

This Conversation is not your logo, website design, business model, or revenue driver. It's the topic your customers would want to dive into if they had a chance to have coffee with you.

Here are a few to consider...

  • Apple: Your media is your life, and your life should be extraordinary.
  • Old Spice: Men should be unpredictable, audacious, cocky, and self-confident.
  • Jeffrey Gitomer: Stop selling people, and start using value to win loyal customers who want to buy.
  • Dale Carnegie: To win friends and succeed, put people first.

Each of these statements starts an original conversation. Each entices customers to respond and engage in terms of you. They stimulate excitement, intrigue, and a desire to return to the Conversation with you.

If I could've had coffee with Steve Jobs, I would have talked to him about how I use my iPhone, iPad, and how I love exploring the Apple Stores. I would talk about myself in relation to Apple, how they've made my life and my media more extraordinary. Our conversation would have naturally centered around Apple's Brand Conversation.

What is your Brand Conversation?

What do your customers ask you about when they meet you for coffee?

If your customers are all over the place or don't naturally fall into a conversation about themselves in relation to you, maybe you haven't defined your Brand Conversation yet.

Now's the time!

In one sentence, what is your Brand Conversation?

Here's mine: When a person is original, relevant, and highly skilled, they're the most powerful force to drive a successful brand and business.

When I meet face-to-face with customers, they often speak about how I've helped them stand out, be creative, show off their capabilities, and make their business more relatable and human. Having a defined Brand Conversation helps.

Your turn..