How to turn on Email Delivery Boost for Live, Hotmail and Outlook

Step 1: Turn on Two-step verification

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click your name in the top right corner.

3. Click Account Settings. You may need to log in again to verify your identity.

4. Click Security & Privacy on the top right. Then under "Account Security," click More Security Settings

5. Scroll down the page, click to Set up Two-step verification. This adds an extra layer of protection to your account.

(NOTE: Depending on your current security settings, you may receive a text message or an email alert with a security code. You'll need to follow Microsoft's security prompts before you can continue. Once Microsoft's security step have been completed, follow the examples below.)

6. If your email is synced to your phone, you'll need to insert a new app password in order to continue receiving and sending email from your phone. Choose your device on the page below.

 7. Once the new app password is entered into your phone, click Next

8. On the following page, click Finish.

Step 2: Set Up App Specific Password for Delivery Boost

1. You should be back on the Security Settings page. Scroll down to the App Passwords section. 

2. Click Create a new app password.

3. This password is your new Delivery Boost password. Copy and paste your new password into the Delivery Boost settings. 

That should do it!