How to turn on Email Delivery Boost for Gmail

Gmail can get tricky when connecting to Delivery Boost for the first time. 

They have very strict anti-hacking security precautions in place. If the password keeps clearing out when activating boost, here are a few things to try:

1. Log in to your Gmail, and click the link below:

If you see any alert about suspicious activity, be sure to authorize it that it was you.

2. Continue to the next link below:

3. Choose Turn On option. This page allows "less secure" apps to connect to your Gmail. While Outstand is completely secure, it is a relatively unknown application to Google, so Google is taking extra precaution.

4. Lastly, click the link below to allow access for Campaign Manager.

5. Click the blue Continue button.

Once you've gone through these three steps, try activating Delivery Boost again.