The value of the word "you"

Are your emails about you or about your recipient?

Have you learned the power of the word "you"? 

Or do you send the same "I, I, I" messages to your customers over and over again?

When typing out emails to prospective customers, the natural tendency is to use phrasing that expresses your personal thoughts, convictions, and feelings. What may be heartfelt and genuine sounds like hollow drivel to the recipient. It's similar to every other sales-y follow up they get, which all read something like this:

"John, It was terrific to meet today! Based on our conversation, I'm sure I can make a difference in your bottom line. I've attached my proposal and look forward to your response!"

Sound familiar? Here's a similar email shifting to "you" wording:

"John, thank you for taking the time today to point out the most important aspects of your RFP! You said reliable delivery will impact your bottom line most. In the attached proposal, you'll find a track record, testimonials, and solid ideas that will offer you just that. Your thoughts?"

Your emails will immediately spring to life with relevance, interest, and charm by forcing yourself to frame your emails around the recipient. The key is using the word "you!"

Here are 3 exercises to help you make it about them:

1. Challenge yourself to use the word "you" as many times as you can in your next email. Shoot for ten "you's" and zero "I's." See if you can do it!

2. Check out the "About Us" page on your company website. These pages are usually infested with "I, I, I" or "we, we, we" wording. Rewrite it as a "you" message centered on the benefits the customer will receive. If you're in charge of the website, replace the text with the new version and re-title the page, "About You!"

3. Replace general statements like, "It was great to get lunch today" with stronger, relationship-building specifics like, "Your trip to Hawaii story was hilarious!"

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