Effective advertising: Knowing who to spend your money on

Advertising in a way that makes people want what you’re offering can be pretty tricky. 

The last thing you want is to waste time or money with the wrong message going to the wrong people.

When you set out to advertise your business, follow these 2 tips that could make a 100% difference in the way your consumers react.

1. Know Your Target Audience/Market

Finding the target audience/market is critical for the success of the product or service you offer. Your target market can often dictate what the product will be, what it looks like, or how it evolves.

You can find your target audience/market in a couple of different ways. When choosing a target market, you can show them why they need your product or how it solves a problem for them, even if they have never thought about it before. On the other hand, your business may have been created to fulfill an existing customer need (supply and demand).

Ask yourself: Whose attention am I trying to grab?

ALWAYS know your customer and make sure your company has the right areas of expertise to give each customer exactly what they are looking for.

2. Spend Money to Make Money

Much of the time, consumers learn about a business from an advertisement, so advertising can be a great investment – if it is done right. Companies should want their advertisement to be unique and stick out above their competition. It might be hard to pay that extra dollar, but in advertising, cutting corners isn’t the best idea.

Keep in mind that a first impression can be the last impression. Take the extra time and money to tailor your advertising to the audience you want to influence.

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Make the most of every opportunity to be deliberate and different, it’s worth it!