Outstand iOS Mobile app 1.0.2: Now available!

Quick iOS Mobile App update:

The latest version of our iOS mobile app (1.0.2) is now available. Unless your device is set to manual, the new version will automatically update for you. Here are the details on all the new changes and bug fixes (especially the app no longer crashes when sending texts):

  • Notifications now tap through to the appropriate message and information.
  • Send a message from your Message Library to any contact from the Contact Detail Screen.
  • Choose any of your profiles when sending a message from your Message Library.
  • Customize your texting lead-in message on the Settings Screen.

Lots of bug fixes, including crashes when logging in and sending text links and the 25-contact list limits on the Message Detail Screens.

Speed enhancements and UI improvements throughout.

Hope you love the upgrades and fixes. Happy following up!

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Then get the most out of the app with this full tutorial or send your message again via text.

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