Import your contacts from an Excel spreadsheet

To import an Excel spreadsheet of contacts into Outstand, follow these steps:

1. First, make sure your list is saved as a CSV file (if it has the extension ".xls", open it and re-save as a CSV — that is, a "comma separated values", or "comma delimited" file). Before you import, make sure your file is in the following format (you may have more or less fields), with each field divided into a separate column, especially First Name and Last Name (Check here if you need to split your contacts' names into separate columns for First Name and Last Name).

Also make sure each column has a title. Outstand can import contacts that at least contain a first name, last name, and email address. You can download our CSV template file to make it easy on yourself.

2. To import this file into Outstand, click the Contacts tab and then click Import Contacts.

3. Then choose Generic CSV or vCard, and click Choose file/Browse. Click Continue.

4. In the next step, add your contacts to a Group, or just import them into your main Contacts list. Click Continue.

5. Here is where you will map (i.e. match) your column name headings to ours, so that Outstand will know where to put your information. Make sure the email address column is mapped. Click Import.

6. Outstand will then give you information on how many of your contacts we were able to upload, and a report on why we may not have been able to upload certain contacts and why.*

* The most common reasons that contact info was not able to be uploaded is because contact names were not split into separate columns for first name and last name, or that an email address was not in the correct format (missing the "@" or ".com", for example).