How Outstand uses Outstand

Here at Outstand, we don't have an official sales team. Everyone does sales from time to time, from our marketing and support teams to our office manager to our CEO.

One afternoon, we had a gentleman call in to ask how his company could start using Outstand. I took the call and immediately became our salesperson for the day!

I found out that he was the president of a small business in the midwest and has a sales team of about 10. I spent an hour on the phone with him, answering all his questions and asking quite a few questions myself.

He liked what he heard about Outstand and said, "I like this. I am going to have my marketing person sign up for an account to test it out." 

Before we said our goodbyes, he had one final question about exporting his contacts from Outlook into a .csv file. I told him I'd follow up with some instructions.

Good news, right? We just got a new customer… or did we? At this point it was up to him to actually go create an account – I couldn't do it for him. 

I needed to follow up and seal the deal, obviously not with a general company newsletter or a template message that was written by our marketing team. I needed to reach out with something personal, a message just for our new potential client, directly from ME.

So this is how I followed up...

If you’re really paying attention during a sales call, you can come away with what I like to call “golden nuggets.” One of the golden nuggets I took away from the hour-long conversation was that, instead of going by "CEO" or "President," he went by "Grand Poobah," in honor of his favorite show growing up. When I told him I was not very familiar with the term, he went into detail about The Flintstones, Fred and Barney, and the Water Buffaloes Lodge.

It was obvious that he was a huge Flintstones fan, so of course I knew it would be effective to reference The Flintstones in my follow-up. This is what I did:

Found a logo for his company (searched their website and social media accounts). Google image searched "Fred Flintstone, grand poobah," and saved the best image to my computer. Used Keynote (or Powerpoint for PC users) to merge the two graphics together and add some text (obviously there are better tools, but my Photoshop skills are nonexistent). Uploaded the image to Outstand, typed my message, and sent!

Do you want to see the reaction I received?

"Aaron, now that's what I'm talking about — That put a smile on my face as wide as Nebraska which is 500 miles..."

He was already intrigued by Outstand after our conversation, but after my follow up email, everything clicked. He really got it. He instantly saw how his sales team could use this tool to stand out from everyone else.

I’ll leave you with this question: When was the last time your follow up email caused a smile “as wide as Nebraska?”

Cut through the clutter, stand out, be different, show personality, have fun! All while providing value in your follow up.

THAT is how be outstanding using Outstand.