December in crisis: 3 strategies to max out sales for Q4

It’s early November. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to call 2015 over yet. 

This is the last moment of 2015 when time is on your side. You still have 2 weeks before the business world is sucked into the black hole of the holidays. That holiday black hole may be full of twinkling lights, great food, family fun, and lots of cheer, but to the business world it can be a void where emails, calls, and texts are lost forever.

The secret for making sales in December is not what you do in December. The secret is what you do in early November — right now — during this last little stretch before people are distracted by Thanksgiving plans, Black Friday and Cyber Monday strategies, and endless holiday party hoopla.

Here are 3 tips for the next 2 weeks to max out your December:

1. Schedule your entire December now. 

Call up everyone in your pipeline, and book confirmed meetings (that's with pen, not pencil). Send updates, agendas, and reminder messages for each meeting at 2 weeks, 1 week, 2 days, and 1 day out. Only schedule meetings that all decision-makers and stakeholders can attend. Any meetings without them are a waste of time. Push them to after New Year’s.

2. Get everyone on the same page. 

Often, prospects and customers have good intentions of completing a purchase or project by year end but misjudge vacation schedules, out-of-office time, and other end-of-year urgencies. The outcome? Your meeting, deadline, and final sign-off becoming a 2016 thing. Make sure buyers know exactly what needs to happen to stay on course. Send an impressive message from your Outstand account with a list of final action items and milestones. You’ll be amazed at how this simple step keeps you on their radar, at the top of their priorities, and on track.

3. Ask what needs to happen. 

If you sense there’s a threat of your sale getting derailed by the holiday hubbub, address it now. Call your prospect or customer and ask, “I know your interest is high to give a final sign-off. What needs to happen to prevent the holidays from holding things up?” 

They may reveal an obstacle they haven’t shared with you that you have the power to remove, and now’s the time to remove it.

Act on these 3 simple tasks now, and when everyone else is begging their customers for a call back in December, your only message will be “Happy Holidays!”