Are you a no-show after trade shows?

Everybody’s heard the dismal stats: Fewer than 20% of sales leads gleaned from trade shows ever get a follow-up. In fact, the Center for Exhibition Industry Research says:

  • The #1 goal of trade show marketers is generating leads.
  • ‍The #1 problem is lead follow-up.

Why spend precious time squeezing more business from existing customers while overlooking prime opportunities with 80% of your fresh new leads? Did you know that 90% of collected promo literature gets tossed or never looked at again? 

Experts insist you should follow-up with all leads within 48 hours of the trade show.

Trade Show Follow Up Made Easy

Here’s how you can use Outstand to follow up with your new leads before everyone else has gotten home and unpacked their bags! The booth is packed up, and you’ve got 50 new business cards (hopefully with notes)...

  • Find a WiFi hotspot asap, log into Outstand, and enter your top 10 leads. (Don't have an Outstand account? Try it free for 30 days.)
  • ‍Send a Branded Email to each immediately with a brief custom message, thanking the prospect and reintroducing your solution.
  • ‍Follow up with the rest of the lukewarm-to-cool leads when you get back to the office. You may just want to use a template message for these.
  • ‍Set reminders for future actions. What is your next move, and when?

And voilà! You’ve responded to all your new leads in less than 48 hours!