6 ways to become the local guru

Becoming the local “go-to" expert on your product and service can have a positive impact on your customer base.

For example, let’s say you run a health food and supplement store, or you're an independent beauty consultant. Some things you can do are:

1. Host a community seminar on fitness and health. Make sure to have a sign-in sheet to capture names & addresses. Send follow-up info by email or postcard.

2. Attend health-related fundraisers and public events. Meet, greet and hand out business cards. Follow up.

3. Volunteer to speak on nutrition at clubs, organizations, and associations.

4. Keep up with all the latest specialized news on vitamin/health topics and send pithy e-mails to local editors or reporters suggesting a local angle.

5. Send out regular newsletters on nutrition topics to your contacts.

6. Establish pen-pal Twitter, Facebook, blog, or e-mail relationships with other leading health and nutrition experts.