4 questions to help you build a team with character

Do you remember picking teams for kickball as a kid? Taking turns with the other team captain was tough because you knew exactly who you were going to pick and why: Tim — because he could kick the farthest, Olivia — because she could run the fastest, Eddie — because he never ever quits, and so on down the line until every kid was picked.

When building a team for your business, it's more difficult to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of every bright-eyed applicant who comes into your office, resume in hand.

Can they rise to a challenge? Stay the course with a particularly trying project? Bring a little manageability to a previously impossible task?

We’re all a bit older now (just a little bit!), but we still want the best for our team. So how can we draw out a little more of a potential employee's character during an interview?

Check out the article over at Forbes: Four Interview Questions To Help You Hire People With Grit.

Raquel Baldelomar offers 4 questions that could help you snag a dark horse player that does incredible things for your team — the kind of productivity that will have other captains scratching their heads, asking themselves, "How did we pass them up?"