3 signs your newsletter is working against you

Sad fact: The ingredient list on your customer's frozen lunch is a more interesting read than your email newsletter — if your customer doesn't perceive it as valuable. 

What's that you say? Your emails are awesome? Of course they are — you wrote them, right?

It's time to get real. If your newsletters aren't seen as helpful and insightful, they could be wrecking your reputation and the loyalty of your customers, rather than building them.

The big question is: How do your customers really perceive your email newsletters?

Here are 3 ways to determine if your newsletters are NOT where they should be in terms of substance:

1. Falling open rates. In Outstand, you can track how many people are opening your email. It's not a perfect report of all opens because email opens are impossible to calculate with 100% accuracy. However, if you notice your open rates consistently dropping, chances are your recipients don't like the content you're serving up.

2. If you have to ask... If your emails are perceived as valuable, a few of your customers will occasionally report to you how much they love getting your emails and how great your information and ideas are. If you have to ask, it's because no one is reading. If you have to ask, it's because your content isn't original, helpful, and useful enough.

3. No clicks. You can also track who clicks links in your newsletters in Outstand. This is the best data to reveal that recipients like your information. Here's a test: Try including the first half of an article in your next newsletter. Then provide a link to "Read the Full Article" on your blog. Whoever clicks this link is smell'n what you're cook'n, and it ain't no microwaved meal!

If open rates are dropping, links are unclicked, and customers are not replying with their thank-yous, it may be time to reassess your content and take it up a notch.